Bendt Frobenius
Carl + JohannE Frobenius
Ella + Anna + Aage Frobenius
Amanda - Valdemar Frobenius
- The end of an arrow always point to the child of the couple.
-----------------Aage is the child of Amanda and Valdemar

- The beginning of an arrow always point to the parent
-----------------Bendt is the child of Anne and Aage

- If the + sign is between the couples, they are married.
-----------------Carl and Johanne are married. Amanda and Valdemar are not married.

- When the names are in black no further information is present.
-----------------Bendt has no information connected

- Without a capital letter at the end of the first name, only the basic information is available.
-----------------You have more information available for JohannE. e.g. picture or video track